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Virtual Dog Show

Dog Walk

We are excited to offer a virtual dog show for children 14 years of age and under! We look forward to seeing your entries!


Email all entries to:

In your email, please include:

  • Name, address, phone number, email address of the participant

  • Dog's name, breed (or mix) and age

  • Class(es) you are entering

  • Photos, videos required

Judge: John Stevens

Rules of the Competition

Deadline for entries: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17th, 2021


  • One dog per child

  • Must own dog (family)

  • Dog to be measured even with top of shoulders straight to the ground

  • Please provide dog's name, breed (or mix), age and height

  • Judge reserves the right to reclassify entries, if needed


  • Buckle type collar, martingale collar or slip collar

  • 6 foot leash

  • Videographer

For questions, please contact Chair: Candace Jermyn (



  1. BEST DOG, 10" or under

  2. BEST DOG, 15" or under

  3. BEST DOG, 24" or under

  4. BEST DOG, 25" and over

Position your camera as the judge. Walk your dog on a loose leash, on your left side, counter clockwise away from the camera in a circle (approximately 25 feet), returning and stopping the dog about 4 feet from the camera.

Next, walk your dog in a straight line going approximately 25 feet away from the camera. Returning on that line, having the dog trot back to the camera and stopping the dog about 4 feet from the camera. 

Please provide four still standing pictures, one each of the front rear and both sides of your dog

Best Dog Prizes: Donated by Friend and Dobson PC of Bobcaygeon

1st Prize: $12

2nd Prize: $10

3rd Prize: $8

4th Prize: 6


4. Best Trick Dog, with child 12 years or under

5. Best Trick Dog, with person 17 years or under

6. Best Trick dog, with adult 18+

In a 90-second video or under, film your dog doing 3 tricks or less.

Dog may perform with or without a leash and collar.

Treats are optional.

Dog may only be entered in one trick class.

Best Trick Dog Prizes: Donated by Karel and Ann Beck of Bobcaygeon, Jermyn Lumber of Bobcaygeon

1st Prize: $12

2nd Prize: $10

3rd Prize: $8

4th Prize: 6

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