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The Bobcaygeon  Fair dog show was started in 1972 by Sterling Jermyn, then a new member of the fair board.  He wanted to provide an event for children who did not have farm animals to exhibit and so he created the Pet Show for dogs and cats. 


In later years the classes for cats was discontinued and it became the Bobcaygeon Fair dog show.


Forty five years later the show is still a popular event, and many grand children and great grand children of the kids that showed all those years ago enter each year.

Classes for Best small, medium and large dog are provided, to be shown by children 14 years old and under. 


Prize money and ribbons are given out fair day.


A popular event in the show is the Obstacle Race for the person and dog.

Classes for children 7 to 11 years and age 12 and over allowing adults to compete in this race too.  Some of the obstacles include tunnels, weave poles , board walk and hanging tire. 

The dogs are shown on leash and must do all the obstacles with the handler. ie the handler must go through the tunnels too.


This show has been entered and watched by people from all over Ontario. 

We hope you will join the fun too.


Dog Show

COMMITTEE: David Fell, Chairman 705-887-5670, Jennie Junkin, Larry Junkin, Darlene Fell, David Gould, Carol Mehnert, Holly Jermyn Schnegg, Candace Jermyn, Linda Staples, Peter Atkin, Madeline Carey, Tom Friend.  


Class 71: All Entries Taken At 12:15 P.M. Saturday Judging At 1:00 P.M. Sections 1 to 3 and Special 1, exhibited by children 14 years and under.

Equipment to be used with dogs in dog show: Well fitted flat collars, slip collars or martingale collars.  No Harnesses. Leashes to be made of leather or material – no chain leashes or flexileads.  No pet clothing or dog coats allowed while in the show ring.

Section: 1.  Best Small Dog 1st - $12.00,  2nd - $10.00,  3rd - $8.00,  4th - $6.00


2. Best Medium Dog 1st - $12.00,  2nd - $10.00,  3rd - $8.00,  4th - $6.00


3. Best Large Dog 1st - $12.00,  2nd - $10.00, 3rd - $8.00,  4th - $6.00

When deemed necessary the Judge reserves the right to re-classify entries.
$1.00 given to all non-placing entries in Class 71. Donated by British Empire Fuels Bobcaygeon. All Pet Products donated by Pet Valu, Bobcaygeon, Marlene Jackson (Franchise Owner)
Special 1 - Obstacle Race for Person and Dog - Ages 7 to 11 years 1st - $12.00,  2nd - $8.00,  3rd - $6.00,  4th - $4.00 Prizes donated by Jermyn Lumber, Bobcaygeon.


Special 2 - Obstacle Race for Person and Dog - Age 12 and over 1st - $12.00,  2nd - $8.00,  3rd - $6.00,  4th - $4.00 Prize money donated by Karel & Ann Beck, Bobcaygeon.
Trophy - For the fastest time of the day in the Obstacle Race. Donated by Jermyn Lumber, Bobcaygeon.

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