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Drop off & Pick Up Times


For exhibits - to be exhibit hall (curling club) by

12 noon on

Thursday Oct 1, 2020


Hall closes at 4:45 pm on

Saturday, October 3rd and

opens at 5:30 pm for pick up.




E-mail your completed entry form to:

by Sept 23/20

and get your Entry Tickets

Made Up & Ready for Drop Off

Thursday Oct 1/2020



Kinette Booth


Sandwiches, Pop, Water, Coffee Tea, Baked Goods

Handicraft and Hobby Department Rules


Note: To Avoid Disqualification



  1. Exhibitors should read both the Handicraft Rules and General Rules

  2. Each Exhibitor should submit a list of their entries by name and number to the Chairperson of Handicraft and Hobby.

  3. All articles competing in Departments 41, 42, 43 & 44 must be strictly the production of the person making the entry and must have been completed since October 2017.

  4. Articles soiled or defaced by wear, are not eligible for competition.

  5. Exhibitor can only make one entry and receive one prize in each section. Articles can be submitted one time- only one year.

  6. In the absence of competition in any section, or if articles exhibited are of inferior quality, the Judge will award such premiums as they deem the exhibits merit.

  7. All sewn, knit or crocheted items must be accompanied with a sample of the fabric or yarn attached by safety pin.

  8. Do not submit hangers and cover up your name, if on the article.

  9. All exhibit to be ready for judging by 12:00 pm, on the Thursday of the Fair.

  10. The Secretary will be in the office at the Fairgrounds, Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm, Wednesday 9:00am - 7:00pm and Thursday 8:30am - 12:00pm for the purpose of receiving entry forms.

  11. Please secure entry tag with a safety pin.

  12. If more than 6 entries in any Class, 4th prize will be given the same as 3rd prize amount.

  13. Exhibit hall will be closed the day of Fair at 4:45pm Saturday and will re-open at 5:30pm. NO exhibits will be removed from the hall before 5:30pm Saturday.

  14. The Committee will not be responsible for exhibits left after 6:00pm Saturday.

  15. Please have your exhibit number with you when you collect your items.

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