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Virtual Junior Homecraft Competition

Crafts Activity

Calling on our crafty young fair lovers, we've built a list of fun activities to show off your creative talents!


We hope you have fun and can't wait to see what you create!

Rules of the Competition

  • Deadline for entries is September 20th, 2021

  • All items entered must be the property of the exhibitor

  • All items entered must be created during the current year

  • Take a photo of your entry and make sure the class and section number is clearly identified (e.g., Ages 8-10: Section 7). Send your entry(s) to

  • Only first prize will be awarded in each section. Winners will be mailed a $10 Tim Hortons gift cards after October 8th.

  • For any questions, please reach out to us at:

Junior Homecraft Competition 

Kids' Paintings
Girl Drawing
Fall Foliage
Little Boy Drawing

Ages 4 & Under

Section 1. Crayon drawing of a scarecrow

Section 2. Farm Animal made from play dough, plasticine

Section 3. Finger painting


Ages 5 - 7

Section 4. Creature made from vegetables

Section 5. Create a rocket from a paper towel tube

Section 6. Draw a farm scene, any medium


Ages 8 - 10

Section 7. Lego Tractor

Section 8. Painted rock

Section 9. A scene made from natural materials


Ages 11 - 13

Section 10. Drawing of a farm animal

Section 11. Create a poster "Thanking A Farmer"

Section 12. Design a birthday card on the computer


Ages 14 & over

Section 13. Flower arrangement

Section 14. Draw your favourite superhero/cartoon or book character

Section 15. Photo of your nails manicured/painted yourself



Section 16. Best student art, unframed, any subject, any medium

Section 17. Paper plate turtles

Section 18. Best photo of your favourite pet

Section 19. Friendship bracelet, any medium

Section 20. Homemade Christmas ornament

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